Home Bungalow Lift

Home Elevator (residential Elevator for Private Homes) Home Elevator is a small elevator meant for 3 persons for Private Residential House / Bungalows. LT Elevator’ innovative design takes care of limited residential Space and uses the available space very effectively. It has low running cost and extends facilities of comfortable living. It is very ideal for elderly and handicapped members of the family. It is certainly adds to the quality of living.


Usage Private home use (Usable for wheelchair users)
Drive Machine Drum type machine installed inside hoist way
Load Capacity 204 Kg
Passenger Capacity 3persons
Control System Simplex automatic operation
Max. no of stops 4
Max. rise 12 meter
Car speed 0.25 m/sec
.Power supply 1 phase, 200 Volts, for elevator operation and100 Volts for lights
.Entrance Front only (standard) or front and rear (optional)
Door 4 – panel center opening doors with light beam door protection system
Car inside (mm) 1000 wide X 1150 deep X 2000 high
Clear opening (mm) 800 wide X 1900 high
Hoist way size (mm Front opening only: (Min) 1350 wide X 1450 deep Front and rear opening: 1350 wide X 1610 deep
PIT (mm) Min : 550 Max : 900