High Speed Elevator

High-performance gearless solution elevator for prestigious high-rise buildings. The system contains latest  VVVF drive control technologies with sophisticated microprocessor control, intelligent modular system design, advance VVVF door operating technology, modern aesthetics & unmatched quality with safety.

This Product Incorporates:

  • State-of the – art compact permanent magnet machine technology into an elevonic clans system benefiting in improved power efficiencies, increased hoisting capacities, space saving & higher flexibility.
  • Microprocessor based modular control system using new generation micro processor controllers to provide optimum passenger response.
  • Control system uses a state – of the – art digital VVVF drive control having accurate & consistent operation for speeds upto 4.0 MPS.
  • An efficient dispatching system ‘which is the most efficient dispatching system in the industry known as RSR system. With its algorithm of bonuses & penalties, it consistently delivers the shortest waiting time with minimum number of elevators.
  • Ultra modern guide shoes are used.
  • Variable frequency door operating system with close loop control