Hospital Elevator

“LT Elevator” Hospital Elevators are designed to meet present-day Hospital needs. It is designed to carry bulky hospital equipment. Versatile Automatic Control System permits economical self-service or attendant operation. For a relatively small hospital, a minimum of two elevators are recommended so that at least one will always be available for use.


A car with an internal size 1600 mm x 2400 mm is recommended because it is necessary to have ample room for easy movement of beds and other equipment. The speeds range from 0.40 mps. for small 2-storey hospital to 2.5 mps. for Multi-storey building. Sound-isolated cars and rubber tyred car door hangers contribute to quite to operation. High-speed elevators with micro self-leveling expedite safe transfer of beds, stretchers, X-ray apparatus and other heavy equipment.


 A  B  C  D  E   F
15 Passenger/ Stretcher 1000 2400 1650 2900 800 2100
20 Passenger/ Stretcher 1300 2400 2000 2900 1200 2100
26 Passenger/ Stretcher 1600 2400 2300 2900 1200 2100